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10 Fun Facts – Countries in Latin America – Pop Quiz Style!

We work in all the countries in Latin America and know their diverse cultures,  people and economies. Most important: we know the rules to approve your device in every single one of them. Don’t worry about how to do it and let our team handle it. Meanwhile, enjoy a few curious facts about Latin America:

1:  This country began the world’s first regular radio broadcasting on 27 August 1920. See the answer here.

2: In this country you can find the source of the Amazon River . See the answer here.

3. This is the only English speaking country in South America. See the answer here.

4. This is the only country in Latin America considered by the World Bank as a “high-income economy”. See the answer here.

5. In this country, 82% of the population over 14 has a cell phone. See the answer here.

6. This country has 68 recognized ethnic languages and dialects, and English is also the official language. See the answer here.

7. This country’s currency is the American Dollar. See the answer here.

8. This country is plans to build a canal linking the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, but the project has not yet started. See the answer here.

9. In this country is the  largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere. See the answer here.

10. This is the only Portuguese-speaking country in Latin America. See the answer here.

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July 18, 2017

Venezuela delays

The political instability in Venezuela has impacted the certification process in that country, generating delays of up to 4 months in the process. We continue to serve our clients who wish to approve their products in Venezuela, informing of this extended lead time and available for questions related to approving products in Venezuela and all other countries in Latin America. Contact LARCG for more information on how to approve your product.


Angel Falls


July 14, 2017

ANATEL Resolution 680 – Changes are coming in Brazil

ANATEL in Brazil published the New Resolution 680. This new legislation will substitute Resolution 506 from 2008. ANATEL resolution 680 is related to products that are considered restricted radiation, such as those containing WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, RFID, Zigbee, among other technologies. There will be new technical requirements for the testing procedures. However, these are still under discussion and have not yet been published by ANATEL.  Resolution 680 will take effect in 60 days.

You can count on LARCG to provide you the details as they are published.

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June 30, 2017

Colombia telecom regulatory agency CRC released new Resolution 5031/2016: Data Cellular now requires homologation

Colombia telecom regulatory agency CRC released new Resolution 5031/2016: Data Cellular now requires homologation

Colombia approval agency CRC  has released Resolution 5031/2016 (which modifies Cap. 1, title XIII of resolution CRT 087-1997) with enforcement starting July 8th,2017

All mobile devices using voice and/or data cellular (with an IMEI or any equivalent identification number) will require homologation in Colombia if they operate in the frequency bands 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, AWS (1700-2100 MHz) and 2500 MHz.  Norms for connection to the Network are as follows:

  • Landline and cordless landline phones – Colombia Resolution CRT 1673 2006, FCC Part 68, or ETSI ES203-021
  • Satellite phones – Technical standards of Colombia Resolution 3610 from 1997, FCC Part 25
  • Mobile devices
    • 850 MHz: FCC Part 22 Subpart H
    • 1900 MHz: FCC Part 24, Subpart E
    • 1700/2100 MHz: FCC Part 27
    • 2500 MHz: ETSI EN 301 908-13

Documentation requirements will remain the same for the approval process for mobile devices.  Contact LARCG for a detailed list of requirements, and a quote for your approval.

June 27, 2017

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