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Are Samples Always Required?

It depends on the country and the type of product. Sometimes it is not required. If you already have a homologation letter then testing may not be required. Contact us if you are not sure.

Is Legal Representation Required?

Some countries do require in-country legal representation. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay are the countries that require legal representation. LARCG has works directly with agencies in each country to ensure that the products have all of the requirements needed for processing.

What Are The Safety Regulations In Latin America?

Every country in Latin America has its own validation and certification process. Some may require testing or labeling or both. LARCG works in tandem with these government and local agencies to ensure your approval process is a smooth one.

Is Testing Required For Certification?

Every country has their own requirements to obtain approval for your equipment. A few countries will accept outside test reports in the homologation process, while others will require in-country testing. We will guide you through the process of collecting the appropriate documentation and help you arrange for a product sample.

Does FCC - CE - UL Cover Requirements For Latin America?

FCC approval does not cover the requirements for Latin America and the Caribbean. Every country in those regions have their own Regulatory Body with their own set of regulations and restrictions. In some cases, we can use existing test reports (FCC, CE) for the homologation process to avoid in-country testing, but FCC or CE approval on its own does not fulfill the requirements.

Can You Import A Product Before Approval?

Generally speaking no. Each country in Latin America and the Caribbean has their own certification process. Existing test reports may be used in some cases, but proper documentation will be required based on the type of product.

What Are The Labeling Requirements In Latin America?

Most products do not require labeling. The countries that do require labeling are Mexico and Brazil.

Can Similar Product Models Be Certified Together?

In most cases every product is treated separately and each one must have its own certification. I made this part up to fill copy in the space.

What Are The Frequency Restrictions in Latin America?

There are different frequency restrictions in every country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Let us work with you to determine what products you have and the legal requirements for them.

How Long Are Certifications Valid?

Product certifications are usually valid from one to two years in length. Countries have different limitations on all product types.

What Are The Language Requirements For Documentation?

Project Managers at LARCG work directly with the local agencies in the many countries that we provide service to. They are fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese languages, therefore it is not an issue if you are unable to speak/read. We are here for you in all steps of the certification process.

Are Power Supplies Supposed To Be Certified?

Power supplies that are included with a particular radio frequency product do not have to be certified. If sold separately, or as a replacement part they will require their own certification.

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