Let's Get Your Product Selling In Latin America And The Caribbean

Step One

Define the scope of your needs. What products in what countries?

Consult with our professionals regarding the technical specifications of your product(s) and the Latin American Markets in which you seek to commercialize your products. We will inform you of the requirements that apply to your equipment, the length of that specific approval process, and the costs associated with the certification process.

Consult with our professionals

Tell us what models in what countries

We inform you of approval requirements, costs, lead times

Start approval project

Provide samples (If needed) and required documentation

Let LARCG handle the rest!

Step Two

Gather Documents and samples.

Every country has a different set of requirements to obtain approval for your equipment. Some countries will accept outside test reports in the homologation process, while others will require in-country testing. We will guide you through the process of collecting the appropriate documentation and help you arrange for sample delivery.

Step Three

Project Manager keeping you updated through the entire certification process

Once our Project Management Team has received all the required documentation pertaining to the product(s), they will initiate testing, followed by submission of the approved test reports to the country’s Regulatory Agency. They may contact you for questions or requests concerning additional documentation. You will receive weekly status reports providing details for each model and country.

Project Manager receives all documentation and samples

Testing begins, submission to Regulatory Body

Weekly Status Reports to keep you updated

Agency issues product approval, certificate deliver to you

Green light to import and commercialize!

Step Four

Congratulations! Your product has been approved

You are free to import and commercialize in Latin America and the Caribbean with your homologation certificates.

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