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In-Country Legal Representation

Latin America Regulatory Compliance Group (LARCG) provides in-country legal representation services in Latin America and the Caribbean for the countries that require a local entity in order to issue the homologation certificate. Manufacturers without a physical legal presence in those countries must appoint a certificate in order to certify, import and sell products.

LARCG has an official physical presence in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Paraguay, and can provide certificate holder services. We act as the liaison between your company and the country your seeking certification. You must maintain the certification as long as you are importing and selling products in that foreign country.

Country compliance and regulatory laws change frequently, and often times without formal notice. These changes could cause long-term delays not to mention additional costs in the approval process. LARCG works in conjunction with local agencies to ensure all necessary regulatory updates are conveyed to ensure current testing and paperwork processes to prevent delays on your project.

As your in-country legal representative we provide your company the following services:

  • Act as the liaison between the foreign country and your company holding the approval
  • Provide guidance on current in-country regulations
  • Handle the entire type approval process for you, from start to finish
  • Assist in renewals of device registrations as needed

With highly skilled Project Managers, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service. We are the regulatory compliance experts in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. We have handled over 3000 electronic device certifications in over 16 years of doing business in the region.

If you have any questions about in-country legal representation, please call (541) 719-8801 or fill out our Contact Form and someone will get in touch with you soon.

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