Certificate of Conformity

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC), or Certificate of Conformance is obtained in select Latin American countries prior to importing and commercializing a product. This document, issued by a country’s Designated Certification Body after testing procedures, verifies that the product meets the minimum set of technical, safety, and regulatory requirements. It also acts as an indication that the product complies with directives in relation to Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC), meaning the device will work as intended, without interfering with the use or function of any other device.

In cases where regulatory agency approval is not required, we can obtain an official ‘No Homologation’ letter in order to avoid potential issues with Customs upon importation and commercialization of the equipment in Latin America.

Labeling and Product Marking

Labeling can be understood by considering the labels issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States and, Conformité Européenne (CE) in Europe. Both these regions require their labels (FCC, CE) be affixed to applicable products for Customs to permit them entering the country.  Select countries in Central America and South America have similar labeling requirements wherein certification numbers and/or logos must be placed on a product, user manual, packaging, power supply, and software. Please contact LARCG for more info.


In some Latin American countries, successful completion of technical testing, as outlined by the country’s testing specifications will be required prior to submission to the Regulatory Agency for product approval. For instance, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico require that a device be tested in-country in some cases. For non-testing countries, existing international test reports may be used for the homologation process.

Certificate Holder - Legal Representation

In some instances, a Homologation Certificate must be issued in the name of a local legal entity. As is often the case, the manufacturer does not have an established in-country presence and will need to have a legal representative act as a liaison between them and the Regulatory Authority. LARCG can provide neutral third-party Legal Representation in all countries in which it’s required, allowing manufacturers to import with any number of their chosen in-country importers/distributors.

It is also advisable that the manufacturer obtain certification of products themselves as opposed to allowing a single, in-country distributor to obtain and manage the certifications. If the relationship between manufacturer and distributor dissolves, then the manufacturer would need to obtain new certifications and assign legal representation elsewhere.

If the Homologation Certificate is held by a neutral third-party (LARCG providing cert holder service), one certificate can be utilized by multiple distributors.

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