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In addition to our primary service of type approval processing,
we offer complementary services to clients depending on need.

Certification Holder Services

(In-Country Legal Representation)

Some countries require manufacturers to have a local presence before certifying a product for import and sale. But not all companies want to maintain such a presence. In these instances, LARCG can hold the product’s homologation certificate on the manufacturer’s behalf. Alternately, some manufacturers ask their in-country importers to serve as their local presence and hold the product certificate. But we argue against this practice because if the business relationship ends, the certificate might not be returned to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer would have to reapply for a new certificate in order to keep selling its product.

Using LARCG as a neutral third party to hold the product certification (that is, to serve as the manufacturer’s in-country legal representation) eliminates this vulnerability, allowing the manufacturer to designate any importer/distributor to use the certificate(s).

Packaging and Labeling Consultation

Each Latin American and Caribbean country has its own packaging and labeling requirements for electronic equipment. Similarly, the Federal Communications Commission requires its FCC mark of approval on electronic products and packaging sold in the U.S., and the CE mark (for “Conformité Européenne”) is required for products approved for sale in Europe. The FCC and CE marks don’t necessarily cover Central and South American nations, each of which have rules how certification numbers and/or logos must be placed on a product, user manual, packaging, power supply, and software. Your LARCG processor will work with you to determine what requirements apply to your equipment.




Certificate of Conformity

Some LatAm countries require a Certificate of Conformity (or Conformance) before a product can be imported and commercialized, verifies that the product meets the minimum set of technical, safety, and regulatory requirements. The certificate also indicates that the product adheres to Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC), meaning the device will work as intended and without compromising the function of other devices. In cases where regulatory agency approval is not required, we can obtain an official ‘No Homologation’ letter in order to avoid potential issues with Customs upon importation and commercialization of the equipment.


Some countries required successful completion of technical testing prior to a product’s submission to the relevant regulatory agency for approval. Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are among those important markets that often require in-country testing. Other countries may accept existing international test reports as part of their homologation process. Whatever the case, LARCG will take care of your product and your interests.



Shipping and Importation

Sometimes the approval process requires that your product documentation be written in Spanish or Portuguese. We can translate your documents expertly if you need this service.

Document Translation

LARCG can take care of sending samples of your product to countries that require in-country testing, thus minimizing hassle and delay for you and your company.

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