NOM-001 and NOM-019 Labeling Requirements in Mexico

Mexico has specific rules about how electronic products must be labeled in order to be certified under NOM-001 and NOM-019, sometimes known as “safety certs.”

The label, which provides identifying information about the product, can be printed directly on the product or affixed to it. There is no required size or format for the labeling information as long as it is legible and contains all of the required information.

In particular, Mexico is strict about how labels should display AC and DC voltages. There are three acceptable options for either alternating current or direct current:

  • Alternating Current – to be displayed as Vca or Vc.a. or V~
  • Direct Current – to be displayed as Vcc or Vc.c. or V⎓

As part of the certification process, the Mexican regulatory body will review either a final or draft label to ensure it meets minimum requirements.

Click HERE to see what a draft label might look like.

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