BRAZIL – ANATEL certification

Brazil, the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America, has the largest economy (measured in Gross Domestic Product) in Latin America. The market for IT technical equipment is growing significantly every year.

ANATEL (Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes), Brazil’s regulating agency, requires certification to commercialize telecommunication equipment in Brazil.  The approval process includes in-country testing of product samples, OCD review, and ANATEL submission.  Latin America Regulatory Compliance Group handles the entire process from start to finish and delivers the certificates to you upon final approval.

Products that require ANATEL certification include those that connect to the Public Telephone Network, utilize radiofrequencies, and those considered Data Networking Equipment. Examples might be network routers with E1 WAN ports, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n access points, GSM and CDMA cellular phones, network switches, satellites, and Bluetooth products.

Brazil is one of four countries in Latin America which require that a legal representative hold the type approval certificate. The ANATEL certificate must be issued in the name of legal Brazilian entity.  If you do not have official representation in Brazil, LARCG’s office in São Paulo can be a holder of your certificate.

Whether you utilize LARCG as Certificate Holder or a local representative company of your choice, we will create your product label, including required artwork and barcode. If your chosen Legal Rep is not registered with GS1, we can assist with the process, including the supply of a EAN number to obtain the ANATEL official barcode number.

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